Creating Kindness Blog Hop – Inspire

Creating Kindness Blog Hop – Inspire

Creating Kindness Inspire


Creating kindness Design Team

Welcome, come on in, pull up a chair! Today I am blogging with the amazing Creating Kindness Design Team. Our guest designer for March is ….. drum roll …. Brian King! Oh My!  Brian is such a character and a wonderful paper artist … we are thrilled to have him blogging with us today.


The theme of the hop today is “Inspire” … what inspires us in our crafting. Anyone who knows me, will know that I take inspiration from almost anything … in other words I have squirrel brain and jump from one place to another on a whim!  There are times, however, when I hit a creative block and when that happens, I find inspiration in my garden. I love my garden here in South Australia … normally it is filled with colour in the wonderful array of flowers that seem to just “grow”. I certainly don’t do a lot to help them!  If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you will know that I do A LOT of floral cards.

Detailed Floral Thinlits

I can see the quizzical drawing together of eyebrows!

It is so dark!
It is so not “gardeny”.
It is so not Cheryll’s normal style.

The design process for this card went a bit awry …

When my hubby and I were married in our garden, I strung candles in jars throughout the big old Red Flowering Gum tree that dominates our back garden. It was so beautiful at night with all the little pools of light under the canopy of the branches. You can’t see it in the photo here as it wasn’t fully dark, but the pools of light picked out the colours of the flowers in the garden below.

Candles and jars in trees

Detailed Floral Thinlits

So I was trying to create my version of the garden at night, hence the Basic Black cardstock. I very rarely use straight black cardstock as a top layer, so I struggled with the creation of this project. I probably would have preferred to work on a white background, however the fiddly nature of the project was not something I was willing to start all over again. So I pressed on!

Detailed Floral Thinlits Dies

I have used the Detailed Floral Thinlits for the floral feature. I have no idea what this technique is called … “Putting all those fiddly little bits back in the die cut technique” … or maybe “the jigsaw technique”. I die cut the same floral die from Melon Mambo, Cherry Cobbler, Tangerine Tango and Daffodil Delight … then I painstakingly slotted the pieces back into the original Basic Black die cut in a sort of ombre effect.

Inspiring Greeting

And GASP!!  The only stamping on the card is the white embossed word “Inspire” which comes from the Thoughtful Banners stamp set.

I added some Wink of Stella over the floral feature and added a few bright enamel dots to break up the swathes of matt black cardstock.

Creating Kindness Video Hop

Many of the Creating Kindness Design Team have created videos for their projects. I have video’d the creation process for this card, in all it’s Basic Black glory! Click here to see my video on You Tube.

Here is a list of all the videos in the video part of the hop.

1. Jerim Dickins – UK
2. Cheryll Miller – Australia
3. Sacha van de Kerkhof – The
4. Jenny Hall – USA
5. Marcy Denning – Canada
6. Maria Willis – USA
7. Carolynn Sander – Canada
8. Jay Soriano – UK
9. Jessie Holton – Australia

The fabulous Sacha van de Kerkhof  from The Netherlands is next up in the hop ….. I am in awe of Sacha’s style. Amazing!

Next Blog

And here is a full list of the blog participants, including the amazing Brian King!!  Did you get that I am excited! 🙂

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  • This card is so striking Cheryll! Your inspiration for the piece is lovely too. You must have the patience of a saint to do all of those fiddly little bits… I’m not sure I could’ve done it but the outcome is truly magical!

    • 🙂 Thanks Maria. Hahaha! I think my hubby would be inclined to argue the point about my patience levels! 😉 It actually wasn’t too bad, quite satisfying really … but boy oh boy. Some of those bits were teeny! :-0

  • I love this card, I like doing the fiddly bits technique. I know that sounds funny but you get stunning cards like yours. Thanks for coming over to the dark side (if only for a little bit).

    • Thanks so much Pat! I am a big jigsaw fanatic, so in reality i loved placing all these little pieces especially when they were all different colours. So I could satisfy both my jigsaw and creative cravings by working on this technique more often! 😉 xx

  • Wow Cheryll! I am in love with your garden at night card! Wish I could be in Australia to see the inspiration up close and in real life! I am always inspired by your creativity! Thanks for the lovely hop today! ? & Hugs from Canada!

  • Beautiful, striking card, and I would so love to make one. I said ONE! It looks like fun, but not sure if I could do more than one. I’ll give it a try…..someday. So glad you made it, so I can at least toy and enjoy the idea.

    • Hahaha … it is surprisingly quick to make! And you only normally make one because every one is different! 🙂 xxx

  • Hi Cheryll, Your card was inspiring. Such a wonderful technique. It was a very striking card great work as always.

  • Absolutely amazing! The colours are so vibrant against the black! Beautiful work as always Cheryll ?

  • You’re hilarious! I love your squirrel brain – think I might have one too! I love that you captured such a magical, beautiful scene with your card. It is so striking. Thanks for having me on the hop this month.

    • 🙂 … thanks Lou! Thanks for being such a good sport and helping out again this month. We are very lucky to have you hop with us twice in a row! Catch you on the roundabout … or is that the swings … or maybe the monkey bars!! See, Squirrel Brain! 🙂 xxx

  • I watched the video love it, I liked it with the white layer over the top it makes it pop another beautiful card Cheryll xx

    • lol … thanks Paula! The more I get to know you, the more I think we are very alike. And that’s not a bad thing! 🙂 xxx

  • Gorgeous card Cheryll!! I love where your inspiration came from and the way your colours really pop against the black background!! xo

  • These colors are amazing, Cheryll – especially against that black backdrop. What a lovely card! So glad I could hop with you and the team today! <3

    • Thanks so much Brian … It’s been fab! We are more than chuffed to have you on the hop today! xx

  • I think you’ve pretty much succeeded in recreating your night time garden! ❤️ Love it! It can be tricky when you go out of your comfort zone, but you did so well! Also with your new invented “putting all those fiddly little bits back in the die cut technique”. ? Thanks for sharing! xx

    • lol … You have to laugh Sacha! I am sure that technique has a real name somewhere out there, but let’s just shorten it to the “fiddly bits” technique! Thanks for your lovely comments. 🙂 xx

  • Gorgeous card…. love how the colors pop on the black background. Must have been a beautiful wedding also!

    • Thank you Bette. It was a beautiful wedding, with lots of flowers “begged, borrowed and stolen” from everyone’s gardens! 🙂 xx