12 Weeks of Christmas

12 Weeks of Christmas

12 Weeks of Christmas


It’s almost time!  Almost time to start the Sense of Whimsy 12 weeks of Christmas campaign for 2016. It is not really 12 weeks until Christmas, however the aim is to not be still creating on the day before Christmas, so we are getting started early on and the final project will come out on 16th December.

Fancy Frost Xmas Card

We will start off with Christmas Card ideas, then create some Christmas decorating projects, finishing off with great seasonal packaging. I will also be having some great giveaways during the 12 weeks, specifically for newsletter subscribers.  Yes, you need to be subscribed to the Sense of Whimsy newsletter to receive these emails and tutorials. So if you are not receiving my newsletters already, sign up here.


I am really looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit early and enjoy stress free creating this year.

xx Cheryll

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