Creating Kindness Design Team Blog Hop – Bendi Fold Card

Creating Kindness Design Team Blog Hop – Bendi Fold Card

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Bendi Fold Card Projects for the Creating Kindness Blog Hop.

Creating kindness Design Team

Welcome to the Creating Kindness Design Team Blog Hop for January. The theme of the hop this month is “Bendi Fold Cards”.   Our guest designer this month is Angela Meiritz-Reid. Angela has been selected to be on the Artisan Design Team for 2019. Her style is wonderfully refreshing and zesty, so be sure to check out her amazing blog, Stamping Beauty.

Bendi Fold Cards

These intriguing cards are always a hit with whoever is receiving them. They come in quite a few shapes and forms .. so be sure to hop around to all the participant’s blogs for a wonderful visual experience.  Remember that quite a few of the Design Team members have done videos, which will make it super easy to create your own Bendi Fold Card.

Little Elephants

Bendi Fold Card Creating Kindness

I have created a baby card today using the Little Elephant Stamp Set and the Elephant Builder Punch.  Can you believe we are seven months into the Annual Catalogue and I haven’t used this set to date! So many firsts for me today.

Bendi Fold Card Little Elephant

The basic principle of a traditional Bendi Fold card is easy to get your head around. There are tons of instructions out there in internet world, but now you have a whole blog hop of instructions and videos at your finger tips to give you inspiration.

I decided to make my card the same size as a standard C6 card to fit in a standard envelope, making it easy for mailing.  Here is the card “unhooked” and folded flat for mailing.

Bendi Fold Card Flat

You may need to include some instructions for assembly if you are mailing this card out to someone, however it is very self explanatory for anyone who is crafty minded.

The first layer hooks into the slot in the back of the card, and then the front layer simply slips into the slot in the first layer to give that “bendi” look and make the card perfect to put on display.

Elephants hate going “around the bend” …

Showing the Bend

The “bend” on my card is not quite as pronounced as some of the other projects in the hop.  I didn’t want my little row of elephants to be “going around the bend” … you know how elephants hate that! So I adjusted the measurements for where to place the slot to poke the front tab into.  Play around with your “bends” depending on what Stamp Set or dies you are using!

Little Elephant going round the bend

I didn’t get time to do a video, but the gang have created some great instructional videos and the links are listed at the bottom of this post.  Alternatively, Jenny Hall has a great set of instructions and video here.

I am sandwiched between two amazing paper artists today … if you have landed here from Sara Levin’s blog you will be amazed by her Tea Together Bendi Card.  And from here, you absolutely need to head on over to Marcy Denning’s blog … her project is yet another wonderful example of a Bendi Fold Card.

Next Blog

Here is the full blog roll ….

  1. Angela Meiritz-Reid – Guest Designer – New Zealand
  2. Lou Kitzelman – Australia
  3. Paula Dobson – New Zealand
  4. Danielle Bennenk – Netherlands
  5. Jenny Hall – USA
  6. Charlet Mallett – USA
  7. Jay Soriano – UK
  8. Sara Levin – USA
  9. Cheryll Miller – Australia  (You are here)
  10. Marcy Denning – USA

Grab a cuppa and make sure you check out all the amazing and different bendi fold cards today.

And don’t forget the videos … here are the videos showing how to create a Bendi Fold Card … it really makes a difference and thank you to all the design team members who have created the videos for us.

1. Lou Kitzelman –
2. Jenny Hall –
3. Jay Soriano –
4. Sara Levin –

 xx Cheryll


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