The Getting of Chickens

The Getting of Chickens


If you get my newsletter, you will have seen that Duncan and I have added four new members to our slightly crazy SA family! Maisie, Dozy, Gertrude and Henny Penny are the new “girls” … except that Maisie and Dozy may not be girls! Maisie, Dozy, Gertrude and Henny PennyDuncan put me in charge of “procuring the chickens”. So I threw my medium sized Stampin’ Up! box in the back of the car and headed off to the chicken shop. Wow, those 20 week old “point of lay” chooks were BIG … and SCARY! I had fanciful notions of cuddling my chickens … these chooks looked like they would peck my eyes out if I came within cuddling distance!

The chicken shop guy could see the panic in my eyes … “I do have a few younger chickens out the back, however they are not sexed. It is a toss up as to whether they are a hen or a rooster, but if they start crowing, you can bring them back to the shop.”

And so I brought home Dozy and Maisie, two cute little 8 week old brown and white chickens who were happy to eat out of my hand, didn’t peck too hard and weren’t too averse to a little chicken cuddling. However to at least ensure we were going to get some eggs this year, I found a private seller with some 14 week old black Astralorps, 95% guaranteed to be hens. Henny Penny and Gertrude were added to the “flock” and while they are a little bit bigger and slightly more unsure about close contact, they put up with the crazy chicken lady cuddles.

Chicken House and Run

Life is pretty good for a chook at 53 Caffrey Street … Duncan built a ritzy chicken coop and a “chicken run” linking the coop to a special fenced area  around the compost heap, perfect for chickens to scratch around in during the day.

Henny Penny on the blockThis is Henny Penny flaunting with danger on the wood chopping block. Ah, the innocence of youth! The chooks have no fear as Duncan chops the wood … they sit in the wheelbarrow and watch him wield the axe. They also have no fear of Bailey, our little dog. He spends hours watching them through the fence, tail wagging.  Unfortunately, he does chase them up and down the run … hopefully when they are bigger, they will put him in his place with a swift peck or two.

Bailey the Chook Chaser

Its a Chicken RunOkay, you may have realised by now that I am a little obsessed with the new additions. I have always wanted chickens and finally have the space to have them. I can’t wait to have our first eggs later in the year, surely we have one hen amongst this batch! No doubt you will hear about it then! 🙂



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  • You’ve done a good job. What a fancy chicken coop Duncan. They should be happy chickens. Wishing you lots of lovely fresh eggs. Good job Bailey is not a Golden Retriever. That’s another story for another day.