Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser


Who is online on this sleepy Sunday?  There are a couple of mysterys to be solved at our place.  The first mystery is a surprise gift (well three surprise gifts actually).  The first three people to place an order with me from now to 5:00pm Monday 27th October (AEDT) will receive a surprise gift in the mail from me next week.  To place an order call me on 0438 464451, email me or shop online here.

And the second mystery is what type of plant this is!  It started growing in a pot in the back yard here in South Australia and we thought it might be a weed, but as we didn’t know what it was, we just let it grow, and grow and grow.  It reached 6 feet high, just one sparsely leafed stem, until it branched out into 5 or 6 helicopter blade type branches.  These branches eventually produced these gorgeous pea like flowers.  Anybody know what it is?

Unknown Flower 1

Unknown Flower 2

Unknown Flower 3


Please don’t tell me we have nurtured a noxious weed! 🙂

CheersCheryll Sig

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