Dear Santa …

Dear Santa …


November is here and we are at day 3 already, that means it is 52 days until Christmas!  Much as we all think “it is way too early for Christmas yet”, as our lives get busier and busier, it pays to start crossing things off the list early.

It is also usually the case that you are always way down the list when it comes to your Christmas To Do list.

Let me help!  If you would love to receive some of the goodies you have marked in the Stampin’ Up! catalogue as a Christmas gift from your loved ones this year, talk to me about my “wish list” offer.  It’s a time saver for your family/friends with all the work done for them by me, right down to gift wrapping!  And you get some Stampin’ Up! goodies you have been wishing for, plus a little bonus surprise as well!

Or maybe you would like to be Santa for someone else and let me do the work for you!

Contact me on 0438 464451 or email to organise your wish list.

Cheryll Sig

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